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Missouri Affiliate – MO ACCESS


Our Mission

The general purposes of MO-ACCESS is to advocate for the associate degree program in the preparation of early childhood professionals and instructors who teach those professionals; and to communicate and cooperate with other groups having compatible purposes.

Our mission is to:

  • foster cooperation and coordination among post secondary institutions with a common interest in instruction and learning in early childhood;
  • promote the acquisition of a core body of knowledge at the associate degree level;
  • work with practitioners to ensure the availability of quality early care and education for children, families and communities;
  • provide a professional network for sharing knowledge and support among early childhood educators at associate degree granting institutions;
  • address issues and concerns of members and promote the professional growth and education of early childhood practitioners;
  • collaborate with state and national organizations concerned with the study and education of young children; and
  • promote and advocate for quality in early childhood care and education


The membership is comprised of associate degree program personnel with assignment in early childhood/child development; personnel involved in laboratory schools/campus child care connected to associate degree programs; and other individuals with teacher training responsibilities and interests. Any person meeting these requirements may become a member upon payment of annual dues which constitutes recognition of membership and is entitled to all benefits of membership. To become a member of the Missouri ACCESS affiliate, complete the national ACCESS membership process. No further dues or application is needed.



Please contact the MO-ACCESS Affiliate Representative for information about meetings.

Affiliate Officers

Karen Olson, President

Office: 314-984-7982

Mary Beth Huxel, Vice President

Lynda Snuffer, Secretary

Lynn Bjorkgren, Treasurer

Lucile Martin, Special Projects

Contact Information

For more information about the Missouri State Affiliate of ACCESS, please contact:

Lynda Snuffer


September 2011