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Please join us in a Zoom Call on Thursday, August 6th for the launch of the ACCESS Think Tank.

Visit our Events Page for more information.

What is the Think Tank?

The ACCESS Think Tank, aka "The Tank" is a collaboration of ACCESS members from across the nation.

What is the purpose of the “Tank”? 

The ACCESS Think Tank was created to combine our collective expertise to re-imagine our practices as teacher educators in light of the pandemic. 

How does it work?

The ACCESS Think Tank meetings are in full swing. We created five teams for people to work on as we develop strategies and resources:

  • Developing Statements and Influencing Policy Statement Draft
  • Developing Shared Practices (re: Field Experiences: guiding educators to support best practices in a pandemic world; ex. Protocols and DAP, etc.)
  • Remote Field Experiences: Observation and Videos
  • Field Experiences for Practicum: Alternatives to Placements 
  • Online Tech Tools and Best Practices in Distance Learning 

How can I get involved? 

Please join ACCESS for updated information on the Tank and how to be a part of this great work! 

ACCESS: Associate Degree Early Childhood Teacher Educators 

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