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Associate Degree Early Childhood Teacher Educators

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What is the ACCESS Affiliate Program? 

ACCESS supports and promotes early childhood preparation in associate degree programs and desires to connect faculty in those programs. Some states have a long tradition of faculty collaboration while others may see the value in such a network and desire a structure and facilitation for such a network. The ACCESS State Affiliate program is designed for those purposes. The purpose of the ACCESS state affiliate structure is to help build state networks of ACCESS members, promote the mission of ACCESS, build state and national leadership, and to connect state networks with national ACCESS. In order to apply for affiliate status, state networks must have at least 10 current members, elect state officers, and have a conduit for receiving funding and sponsor state activities. All state ACCESS affiliate officers must be current national ACCESS members.

Which states have affiliate groups?

  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • California
  • Texas
  • North Carolina
  • New York
  •  Washington
  • Pennsylvania 

How can my state begin an ACCESS affiliate? 

To read more about the benefits of ACCESS State Affiliates, how to apply for State Affiliate status and responsibilities of both State Affiliates and ACCESS, read this document thoroughly:  

To provide membership information (must be completed yearly by December 1), please complete the following document and email to Holly Lanoue at

To apply for State Affiliate funds (reimbursement for 10 members due by October 15) please use this application along with the State Membership Information:  

For questions, please contact State Affiliate representative for ACCESS Holly Lanoue at

ACCESS: Associate Degree Early Childhood Teacher Educators

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