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Associate Degree Early Childhood Teacher Educators

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Position Statements: Influencing Policy

What is the Position Statement?

In summer 2020, ACCESS members formed a think tank with various teams that tackled different topics. 

A team lead by Carrie Nepstad and Leslie Layman, helped develop a position statement as a reminder of our roles, and responsibilities and the demands we have as education faculty in times of need and crisis.

They grounded the statement in the ACCESS mission and research and position statements that are widely agreed upon in our field.

Please use the position statement (below) as it helps you in your work in your program, at your college. 

A Message from the Team: 

The "Position Statement: Influencing Policy" Think Tank Team is interested in developing an advocacy toolbox for ACCESS members with the intent to build from the statement to develop action tools for advocacy.

Rationale: you may need support in advocating for your program, your courses, and the resources you need to support your students, or you may need resources that support your ability to push back against decisions being made that are not in the best interest of your students. 

The team is scheduling 30 minute Coffee to discuss advocacy needs. Please contact Leslie to schedule: 

Many thanks to the following team members for their hard work and dedication in creating this important document! 

  • Leslie Layman, Harry S Truman-City Colleges of Chicago
  • Carrie Nepstad, Harold Washington-City Colleges of Chicago
  • Ginny Harmelink, Pima Community College 
  • R. Taylor, Chemeketa Community College 
  • Andrianna Smyrniotis, Illinois Central College
  • Debra Murphy, Cape Cod Community College

ACCESS: Associate Degree Early Childhood Teacher Educators

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